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Our management consulting services focus on our clients' most critical issues and opportunities across all industries and geographies. We bring deep, functional expertise, but are known for our holistic perspective: we capture value across boundaries and between the silos of any organization. We have proven a multiplier effect from optimizing the sum of the parts, not just the individual pieces.


JBD understands that optimizing your solutions has a direct correlation to your business' ability to support new services, deliver a differentiated customer experience and improve the bottom line. We believe combining business and technology strategies are critical in helping you succeed.


JBD’s Business Solution Consulting services are squarely focused on accelerating business value.

Getting the most out of your investments is a critical part of business success. At JBD, we are proud partners in helping you optimize your benefits and complementary assets to drive growth, reduce costs and achieve other business goals.


We know how  important it is to take into account where you are, where you are going and where you want to be long before solutions are even implemented. JBD’s strategic, business-focused approach aligns your technology needs with your business goals to create a framework for how we work together.


Market Study

Determining the market potentials and risks and proposing the best entry strategy into the Japanese Market.

It is very critical to stand on opportunities and risks of entry into this unique market.

Data like the market scale, growth rates, possible competitors, consumer’s needs, distribution channels, laws and regulations are very essential for decision taking about the feasibility of market entry. So we can provide such data through full studies covering statistics, articles and direct interviews with relevant public and private parties.


Japanese Market Entry Consulting

Deciding best strategy for Japanese market entry

The best and more reliable pre-market entry tests are those of testing the consumers’ acceptance for the products. And this is in order to obtain practical info about the market. Thus this strategy is planned based on the sum of all market data in light of the regulating laws and regulations.



Distributor & Partner Search

Search for the most suitable distributor and partner for promoting your business in Japan.

As many may know, in many sectors, finding distribution channels in Japan represents an obstacle to international investors. Many distributors’ activities are limited to logistics matters without making any marketing and promotional campaigns.

Many business sectors require forming a multi layers distributors’ network, starting from importer, 1st dealer, 2nd dealer and distributor.

The difference between business cultures is one of the most confusing for any new comer to Japan. So he needs a professional support to find the appropriate distributor. Aware of this, we offer you our services searching for a distributor or a business partner by providing the suitable candidates, arranging meetings with them and accompanying you at business talks. Moreover we offer logistics services as accommodation, transportation services and translation services in your mother languages.



Marketing & Sales Rep

You can run your business in Japan as sales, marketing, technical support without the need to be physically present.

Due to the uniqueness of Japanese conservative culture, the Japanese market entry usually requires establishing a commercial office and hiring Japanese staff. And it is difficult to find a reliable distributor in such mature market with high competency without this team present at Japan. Furthermore it should be a Japanese speaking team aware about Japanese business culture.

Thanks to our presence in Tokyo, Japan’s economy center, we can represent you in sales, marketing and technical support activities through our professional team to save lot of expenses at least at first or even permanently.


Business Mission Support

We can provide all logistics support for trade missions, from setting meetings, seminars and all needed arrangements. Many international companies are rushing to enter emergent markets that show high growth rates even if none of it reaches 10% of the Japanese market scale as world’s third biggest economy that is expected to maintain steady growth till 2020 with Tokyo Olympic Games.

JBD believes that several parties’ coordination is indispensable to know this market and its different characteristics. So we provide service of coordinating business missions for Japanese both private and public sectors. And we extend our services to arranging all logistics matters including accommodation, transportation and professional translation.

Also we can arrange post meetings sightseeing, business dinner, side meetings and conferences based on customer’s requirements

Investment Promotion

Promote investment opportunities and appealing Japanese investments to the required region.

Due to the low economic growth rate in Japan, many Japanese companies look for various sectors’ investment chances outside of Japan.

We offer our clients many secondary services in the field of investment promotions:


☆   Business seminars

      Thanks to our good relations with JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization) and Tokyo’s

      Chamber of Commerce and Industry, we could arrange many business seminars with big attendance

      for Japanese companies interested in direct investment abroad.


☆   Trade fairs

      Tokyo witnesses many trade fairs all around the year, we can help our client find the most suitable

      show to promote his products from exhibiting or just visiting and looking for potential business



☆  One to one direct business meetings

      Direct business meetings with a potential investor are the most effective tool in sales world.

      So upon request from client, supported by our staff expertise in the world of sales and marketing, we

      may arrange direct meetings with the client through emails, phone calls or even direct visit to

      convince about meeting setting.




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