We are a group of multinational entrepreneurs who long lived, worked and travelled all around Japan. Supported by our foreigner cultural backgrounds and richness of ideas variety and the enhanced comprehension of Japan and Japanese business culture, JBD Co., LTD was launched in 2013 as a company working mainly in 4 sectors at the Japanese market.

Namely: Inbound Tourism, Medical Coordination, Education Consultancy and Business Consultancy.




Motivated by the deep belief in great potentials that Japan did not reveal yet to the world, we aim always innovating into introducing and pointing new undiscovered charms of Japan that has been missing spotlights due to weak communication and the uniqueness of the Japanese culture and language.


Acting as an excavator and interpreter of these Japanese secrets, we ensure communication between Japan and outer world bringing out to lights all what is good and charming in beloved Japan. These secrets can manifest in unknown beautiful cultural heritages and scenic nature, or high techs in medicine curing desperate diseases, or educational chances for a mysterious culture or an enormous business chances.




Our company provides a wide array of services to international clients in Japan:




Shiba 2 -30-16,

 Kimi-Kopo Suite 302

Minato-Ku, Tokyo


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