Why  Treatment in Japan?

Japan is internationally renowned by an eminently advanced high-tech medical services. And it is this that makes of it the nation with highest life expectancy averages of about 84 years.

Skilful medicines and advanced medical equipments is not all what Japan’s can offer in this regard. But the Japanese culture that worship the customer and makes his satisfaction and convenience in first place, that most characteristic standard of the Japanese medical services compared to other countries put Japan medical service in highest rank. All these make of medical service in Japan a service that aims the Client fast and safe treatment to obtain his satisfaction before any commercial matters. And it worth to mention that though commodity prices are generally expensive in Japan, the medical service here doe not surpass widely many other countries that certainly do not have such a well established medical infra-structure.



To gauge a health-care system’s success, it’s standard to consider three points: quality, coverage, and cost. On all three measures, Japan stands at or near the top in every comparative ranking.


QUALITY: The Japanese have the world’s longest life expectancy and the best recovery rates from just about every major disease. Infant mortality is less than half the U.S. rate. Japan usually leads the world in rankings of “avoidable mortality”—its effectiveness in curing diseases that can be cured.



Newsweek article on 16th August 2010


According to reports by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), medical care in Japan is rated among the best in the world. Japan is ranked 18th among the OECD member states for the low cost of its medical care, while the WHO has rated Japan No. 1 for its degree of health attainment and healthy life expectancy.



No.1 in the world for average life expectancy         78.07 years for males   84.93 years for females

No.1 in the world for healthy life expectancy         71.4 years for males   75.8 years for females

Top rated degree of national health according to WHO overall health system performance

Infant mortality rate                                                   2.6 per population of 1.000 (OECD average is 5.2)

Why  JBD?

Despite Japan’s excel in its medical service quality on the international level, unfortunately the service is usually provided solely in Japanese language and limited to Japanese patients without seeking other international patients in need of this high tech medicine for incurable diseases.

That is why JBD worked hard to make these medical services available for international patients in a clear and convenient way acting as a medical coordinator to overcome classical obstacles caused by culture difference and language either by looking for suitable medical establishment or while receiving the treatment after.

We have a wide network of partnership with many medical institutions.


We have partnership with many hospitals and medical centres & strong relations with university hospitals that provide latest treatments for many diseases thought to be incurable abroad.

We offer one stop for all services you need for treatment in Japan without need to approach many places.


We offer an integrated group of services for international patients looking for diagnosis & treatment at Japanese medical institutions.

This includes support to obtain the Medical stay visa, selecting the suitable medical institution and providing medical translation.

Professional medical translation in many languages.


We offer you accompanying professional interpreter specialized in the medical sector to support you 24 hours in many languages like English, French, Italian, Spanish, Arabic & Farsi.



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