Our Medical Services

International medical coordination

We do all necessary arrangements from arrival to Japan till safe return to home country.

We make all necessary arrangements for patient since arrival to Japan till safe return home.

Once arrival date to Japan is decided, we coordinate with patient for all necessary arrangements based on his instructions from arrival to Japan till safe return home.


Example of this service:


✰ Flight arrangement: We can make flight booking for coming to Japan and introducing such offers to patient and his family.


✰ Accommodation arrangements: We can provide quotations, make bookings for suitable accommodation hotels in the vicinity of the medical institution in favor of patient and his family.


✰ Sightseeing arrangements: We can offer patient and his family post treatment sightseeing programs during their stay in Japan.


✰ Medical transportation arrangements, according to patient case.


Support patient to obtain Medical stay visa


We support patient for obtaining Medical stay visa.

Only the Japanese Ministry of Foreign affairs represented by its diplomatic missions in the country of patient is the authorized entity for issuing visas for patient and his family.

However applying for such a visa require a report from the medical institution about the medical case and a guarantor letter after paying the treatment related fees. So JBD helps international patients obtaining these documents needed for visa application.


Example of this service:


✰ JBD revises the required documents from patient and his family members prior to applying it for the embassy to verify its completion.


✰ Once the treatment program is planned, we will send you the medical institution certificate and the guarantor letter to enable you apply for the visa.


✰ Patient applies these documents with the rest of required ones to the Japanese Embassy at his home country. (Please visit the homepage of the Japanese Embassy at your home country to check all required documents to obtain the visa. )

Consulting about the most suitable medical institution selction

Offer consultations regarding the most suitable medical institution selection.

We inquire the patient about his medical history and the treatment he would like to get in Japan. Also we introduce to him the medical institution with the needed experience in such treatment in Japan.

JBD will get in contact with this institution and connect the patient with it, doing all needed booking for this representing the patient. If the patient visit to Japan would be difficult, we can based on his request arrange a Second Opinion consultation from a Japanese medicine based on the patient’s medical history and reports that we will communicate to the hospital.


Example of this service:


✰ Translation of the medical record of the patient and all his questions about the suitable treatment and communicating it to the medicine or the relevant medical institution.


✰ Receipt the patient documents and evaluate hospital for medical costs and duration, treatment schedule (And translating it if needed)


✰ Make needed bookings for the medical institution that the patient select.


✰ Translation of all documents related to the hospital guide, treatment method, clinic permissions and medical approvals etc.


✰ Obtaining a Japanese medicine second opinion to compare, with local reports.

Translation between Japanese & your native language during your stay & your medical reports

 24/7 Customer Service & emergency

We represent you for  payments till your arrival to Japan

We have a professional team of interpreters specialized in medical sector translation in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Arabic and Farsi.

This service is extended for translation of medical reports.

You can call us anytime 24/7 in your native language to ensure trouble free communication without misunderstanding.

Most of Japanese medical institutions do not accept bank transfers from abroad. So JBD represent you for paying the medical fees after receiving your transfer in our bank account prior to your arrival to Japan.


Possibility of Second opinion and  follow-up to your case without coming to Japan

This service enables you obtaining a Japanese medicine consultation by sending your medical data to JBD and in such case neither the patient nor any of his family needs to come to Japan. As we provide your data to the medicine and get back to you with his diagnosis and opinion.

Full package:


This package includes all 6 services above.


     Consulting about the most suitable

     medical institution


      Support to obtain the medical stay visa


      Support in accommodation and

      transportation arrangements


      8 hours of medical interpretation


      24/7 customer service and emergency in

      your native language


     Representation in paying the medical fees

     before your arrival to Japan






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