Our expertise in Japan tours over the last years allow us to be your one-stop trust worthy consultant for a wide range of services:


We support you obtaining Tourism visa.

Only the Japanese Ministry of Foreign affairs represented by its diplomatic missions in the your country is the authorized entity for issuing visas.

However applying for such a visa require some documents like hotel booking at Japan etc.

So JBD helps you obtaining these documents needed for visa application.






flight reservation

Japan has a high quality and affordable transportation system.


All public transport is frequent, reliable and safe. But it's worth considering getting airborne for the following reasons: your visa probably won't last long enough for you to use public transport to remote cities; fares are somehow cheap; the country is vast, and flights are frequent and reliable.

If you can't get somewhere in Japan by trains & buses, chances are that no one wants to go there. There are lots of different train & bus companies offering competitive and mostly comfortable services.

Trains are highly efficient, reasonably fast.



JBD can reserve any Airplane, bus and train tickets quickly, at the best price, and with the least charges saving your time & money for enjoying your trip.



Hotel reservation

We can help you find the best deals for our highly recommended hotels with strategic locations and views to most famous  areas of Japan to ensure a decent comfortable stay and sightseeing during your trip.


For hotel reservations, you may visit the hotel sites and you might try to call them and book your room.

By visiting the hotels websites, you will find much information on the regulations of hotel, specifications and expenses and rates. Since few hotels are not able to guide you due to their insufficient knowledge of English, you are welcome to contact us to provide you with the information you need. One of the advantages of travelling with us is in our tours, you do not have to worry about hotel reservations and we will reserve your rooms in the hotel with the same rate as in the hotel board.

If you travel with our tours, we will save you from the trouble of hotel reservation as it will be our duty. The hotels that we work with in any level have quality standards.







guide services

One of the very important parts in any tour is a tour guide with commands, knowledge and commitment.

Our agency, backed by many years of experiences and training is proud to inform that its tour leaders are highly experienced, professional and capable, and all of them have certificate (Cards) to show that Japan Tourism Organization has approved their qualification. Our tour guides take various training courses during the year as increase in their information means a higher quality tour for the guests.

Our leaders pass through strong filtering. They have full command on the geography of Japan, full knowledge on historical places, environmental, wild life…environment and they believe themselves responsible for the tours and the guests.


Guide services are subject to below fees:

Full Day (8hrs)


Half Day (4hrs)


Additional Hours


All our tours include the following:


Welcome at airport on arrival by one of our English speaking staff or your native language speaker based on availability.

* Tours of more than 10pax have an accompanying native language speaking


Tour Guide throughout the tour on sightseeing days.

* All tours of less than 10pax have an accompanying native language speaking

Tour Guide for the first day tour at Tokyo.


The company offer transport services on request through a range of private coaches with experienced driver to ensure safe, private and comfortable transport.




Full Day (8hrs)


Half Day (4hrs)


Additional Hours


travel consultancy

You may contact JBD in all issues related to the tour, services, trip and necessary items and receive free consultation by our specialists.

Even if you are not travelling with us, we still feel it our duty to provide you with the best instructions. You are welcome to contact our consultants in following cases and receive the most reliable information:

1. Selecting accommodations

2. Reserving accommodation, hotel, local houses

3. Selecting tour leader

4. Ticket reservation

5. Transportation

6. Receiving tourist visa






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