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Consulting and support to select the most suitable school or university matching your requirements Support in enrollment to school or university Support in obtaining the Study Visa Support in finding the most suitable accommodation model

Whether your target of study in Japan is studying Japanese or its culture like Manga, Anime or Origami, we are experts in supporting you find the best and most suitable place according to your needs from tuition fees, duration, schedule and content.

International students ofte meet some time wasting difficulties to fill school or university enrollment papers. Profiting from our experience in this, we can help you save these time and efforts to travel arrangement at your home country.

Even if the final decision about the study visa is in the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Our experience can help to avoid common reasons for visa application rejection. This means making sure all required documents are prepared and submitted.

We help you to make your move from your country to Japan smoother as much as possible. Real Estate owners in Japan are often reluctant to hire their units to foreigners. So we help you offering various kind of accommodation in the vicinity of your study place. Other than rental apartments, we introduce to you share houses or Home stay with a Japanese family to allow closer approach to the local culture.

Home Stay model Sharing house

It means to be member of a Japanese family that will host you during you study period. This system besides it helps improving your Japanese language, it assures a better understanding of the Japanese culture and Japanese people mentality.

Coming to Japan is as easy as buying the air ticket and arrive, but getting into Japanese culture needs such kind of mingling. Your presence in a house where all members speak Japanese between each other makes a big difference.

Even if finding a Japanese family ready to host a foreigner at their home, our experiences and networks help.

This kind of accommodation is somehow expensive as it goes around 1300-1500$ per month.

But it covers 2 meals of Breakfast and Dinner and saves you electricity, gas, water and internet bills. This makes it in the end, better choice for those who seek improving their Japanese in short duration and making a better understanding of Japanese cultures.

This means sharing the house with others either with an independent room (700-1300$ per month) or with a bed in shared room (500-800$ per month), this model is a little bit cheaper but it doesn’t help improve the language as same as the home stay model, because usually most roommates are foreigners as well.



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