Why study in Japan?
High academic standards and attractive programs Japanese scientists have been awarded Nobel Prizes in Physics, Physiology or Medicine, and Chemistry. Therefore, you can learn cutting-edge science and technology in Japan. You can study not only law, economics, science and engineering, but also environment, information, disaster prevention, tourism, and pastry making, through to pop culture such as manga, anime, games, fashion, and many other fields. The number of degree programs conducted in English is also increasing. Enables you to learn in an international environment About 200,000 international students from more than 170 countries and regions of the world are studying at, among others, universities and Japanese language schools in Japan. Recently, student dormitories where international students and Japanese students live together are increasing. They will have a broader view through exposure to Japan, as well as diverse cultures of the world.
Well-developed financial support for international students Tuition fees are comparatively low in Japan. Furthermore, a wide range of scholarships is available.
Enables you to seek employment in Japan Recently, more and more international students work in Japanese companies after graduation. Likewise, Japanese companies are also actively hiring international students.
Conducive living environment and safe and secure infrastructures Japan is known as a good place to live with its low crime rate. Even if you misplace something, it will be returned to you most of the time. Public transportation system in Japan boasts of its on time departure and arrival and helps you reach the destination safely and securely. With well-established health insurance system, you can receive advanced medical care when you fall ill just with a small amount of payment. Japan is a country to live with peace of mind for international students who feel anxious after leaving their home country.


Acting together for student success

Why JBD?


JBD worked on offering all necessary expertise for studying in Japan related issues for international students. Starting from selecting the suitable school or university, enrollment procedures and applications, obtaining the study Visa and even after student’s arrival to Japan including looking for accommodation, part-time and even regular work after improving Japanese language among many services we provide.

One of our most important targets is to secure a convenient atmosphere for students coming to Japan free of stress about foreign country’s life where Japanese is the only spoken language.

This is meant to support international students and focus their concentration and efforts in only excelling in their study away from any anxiety.





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