Distinctive treatments of Japan:

Following are some of treatments for thoughts incurable diseases in Japan.

• Other treatments

Cancer treatment (radiotherapy)

It is a non-surgical treatment and consequently pain free and leave no traces.

Many of cancer treatments in Japan have proven high efficiency, especially for many of body parts cancer where cancer was thought incurable before.

These treatments are characterized by the absence of any side effects unlike ordinary radiotherapy. Among these treatments, heavy ion radiotherapy, proton therapy, boron neutron capture therapy (BNCT), and stereotactic radiotherapy.

All these treatments have been used for the first time in Japan and proved remarkable success.


> What are the costs and duration of this treatment?


The treatment cost and duration vary according to the case.

Costs of this kind of treatment starts approximately from 32.000$ and the duration vary according to the kind of cancer and its case.


Below is the treatment duration for some kind of cancer in an approximate way.


Examples of treatments and examinations previously arranged:


• Heavy ion radiotherapy

• Proton therapy

• Boron neutron capture therapy (BNCT)

• Stereotactic radiotherapy (including intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) and stereotactic body

   radiotherapy (SBRT))

• CyberKnife treatment

• Gamma Knife treatment

• Treatment with TomoTherapy

• Treatment with VERO

Cancer treatment (other than radiotherapy)

They are medical treatments that have less stress on patient’s body. This includes endoscopic treatment (Non-surgical tumor removal), Thoracoscopic and Laparoscopic (Surgery through small holes in thorax or abdomen).



Examples of treatments and examinations previously arranged:


• Transcatheter arterial embolization for liver cancer

• Oral chemotherapy (e.g., TS-1® and Lonsurf®)

• NanoKnife treatment

• Surgery using the da Vinci Surgical System

• Surgery (for cancers of the stomach, lung, pancreas, liver, colon and rectum, bile duct, bladder and anus)

• Endoscopic surgery (for stomach and esophageal cancers)

• Laparoscopic surgery

• Dendritic cell therapy (immunotherapy)



Cardiovascular surgery

Coronary angioplasty by skin restoration represents around 70% of cardiovascular operations in Japan. It put less stress on patient’s body than ordinary open heart surgery. Modern medical equipments used in this treatment help for faster recovery after the operation more than any other treatments.



Examples of treatments and examinations previously arranged:


• Surgery for heart valves

• Stent placement

• Coronary artery bypass graft (CABG)

• Surgery for aortic aneurysm

• Percutaneous transluminal angioplasty (PTA)

• Pacemaker implantation

• Ablation for arrhythmia

• Surgery for varicose veins


Many reports proved a lot of patients recovery after receiving neurosurgery treatments in Japan. This is after the surgical treatment was rejected for the same cases in other countries.

This is another field where the treatment is only available by skilful Japanese surgeons.


Examples of treatments and examinations previously arranged:


• Surgery for brain tumors

• Surgery for cerebral aneurysm

• Treatment for Moyamoya disease



Ningen Dock

Ningen Dock originated in Japan and is a physical examination to detect and treat diseases, particularly early stages of disease. The health exam also can detect and help prevent serious progressive disease by controlling the risks linked with lifestyle-related diseases. The series of tests and the exam and consultation about lifestyle habits and medical history can prolong a healthy lifespan.


Patients who undergo Ningen Dock physicals generally enjoy exceptionally good health because they are engaged in preventing illness and maintaining their fitness and nutrition. For the employer, it can help lower long-term medical costs because of early detection and treatment.

The Ningen Dock Examination


Most examinations are completed within a half-day to 2 days depending on check tests content and may include the following services.


    Physical Examination

    Comprehensive Blood Panel

    Heart Examination (ECG)

    Chest X-Ray

    Upper Gastrointestinal (GI) X-Ray


    Mammography (Screening)


    Bone Density Test

    EGD (Esophago-Gastro Dudenoscopy)



    Pulmonary Function Test

    Comprehensive Test Reports and Recommendations (Japanese and English)

    Additional Screenings and Diagnostic Tests are Available


Regenerative medicine

Regenrative medicine consist of re-building lost organs and tissues. This treatment includes heart failure diseases and corneal transplantation using autologous cell sheets (Same persons cells)


Examples of treatments and examinations previously arranged:


• Myocardial regenerative therapy with cell sheets



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